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Keep up to date with our latest news, views, and project launches.

by Oracle + Bronto | Feb 05, 2018
Using omnibus data from the ecommerce execs survey, this blog discusses what ecommerce executives are focusing on in 2018, including strategies, technologies and experiences. We’ll talk about email marketing and social media strategy, improving the website experience, dynamic pricing, one-click payment, marketing channel attribution and social personalization.
by Wesley Guthrie | Nov 13, 2017
There is one week left until Black Friday. How do you know you’re offering your customers the best possible online shopping experience?
by Ryan Gellis | Aug 17, 2017
Robofirm is honored to have made the 2017 Inc 500 as the 213th fastest growing company in the United States. We are committed to treating our clients like partners, making their success our top priority, and building leading-edge digital experiences to help expand and transform their businesses.
by Kate Sadler | Mar 09, 2017
Everyone likes saving money and that includes your customers. As many as half of all ecommerce consumers only buy something under one condition, and that number is even higher for people under the age of 45. Read on to find out what!
by Ryan Gellis | Mar 02, 2017
Credit card processing is a necessary component for almost every business in today's modern economy. Learn the steps involved so you can understand any fees you may incur as a business.
by Mathew Beane | Jan 18, 2017
Many consumers are concerned about their internet privacy and security. Learn what HTTPS is and why it is beneficial for you to secure your site by implementing HTTPS across your entire ecommerce site.
by Robo | Jan 14, 2016

Growth hacking is a popular buzz word—attributed to the legendary entrepreneur, Sean Ellis, that denotes a single-minded focus on growth, meaning more users, more sales, more revenues, and more expansion opportunity.

by Robo | Jan 08, 2016

Your ecommerce site’s call to action (CTA) is ground zero in your point-of-sale operation - the moment of truth, where the rubber meets the road. In most online shopping cart programs, the CTA takes the form of a button with the words “Add to Cart” on it.

by Robo | Jan 04, 2016

In the social media universe, Instagram was one of the slower platforms to be monetized. It’s only recently that Instagram has begun to come into its own as a platform with serious marketing potential. But now that it’s finally happened, Instagram is poised to become an exceptionally powerful marketing tool.

by Robo | Dec 15, 2015

No matter how well you've optimized your content, researched your audience, and created your marketing strategies, you will still find customers who will abandon their carts before checking out. If you aren’t working to engage these “almost” customers, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase sales and improve customer relations.