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Keep up to date with our latest news, views, and project launches.

by Kirk Madera | Mar 26, 2017
In today's ever-shrinking world, many companies need to operate multi-store websites. Learn five important tips you will need to remember to sell internationally, diversify brands, target different buying groups, and more.
by Ryan Gellis | Dec 22, 2015

As with other open source solutions, the more effort you put into Magento the more you’ll get out of it.

by Robo | Dec 10, 2015

If you’re considering a jump into Magento to fulfill your ecommerce needs, then you will likely want some solid assurances that you’re positioned to reap real and substantial benefits. Here are some of the signature benefits you can expect if you learn how to leverage this powerful platform:

by Robo | Dec 08, 2015

When you’re working with Magento, knowledge is power. Here are some useful secrets to help you get the most out of the world’s premier, open source ecommerce solution:

by Robo | Dec 03, 2015

If you run an online business or have any affiliation with ecommerce and you’ve not yet heard about Magento, then I’m going to have to ask you to stop what you’re doing, take some time out of your busy day, and get up to speed. It’s important. Here’s why:


by Kirk Madera | Feb 17, 2014
Magento Customer and Visitor Logging

Related to the issue in my previous post about 

by Kirk Madera | Feb 11, 2014
Magento Log Cleaning Blocking Other Cron Jobs

We had a cron job running at 3am that synchronized inventory that started failing a couple of weeks ago.

by Kirk Madera | Sep 11, 2012
View Magento’s sorted module tree

Here is an easy way to view Magento's module tree after dependency sorting has been applied.

by Robo | Apr 14, 2012
Magento Routing: Using the same frontname for admin and frontend routes

I recently noticed an issue with a module, 

by Kirk Madera | Feb 06, 2012

DevInc_DailyDeal version 1.1 has a bug which causes an infinite loop. This occurs when a customer
Quote items collection is loaded
checkData is called on each item