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by robo | Dec 28, 2015

Amidst the many exhilarating sensory experiences that accompany the unboxing of a brand new, high tech gadget is the knowledge that what you’re enjoying is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Once your new television, smartphone, video game console, camera, video drone, etc. is fully unpackaged for the first time, that special moment is gone, never to return. So how did this banal practice emerge to be such a cultural phenomenon, with its own YouTube genre—watch cheapyD unbox his PS3—its own article on Wikipedia, and even its own snarky definition on Urban Dictionary?


by rgellis | Dec 17, 2015

One of the great things about Magento that separates it from other ecommerce solutions is that users of this platform are able to use a visual editor to craft their storefronts in accordance with their own specific preferences. This is important because first impressions matter, and you shouldn’t have to settle for a bland, generic looking storefront. After discovering your website, customers will make up their minds very quickly—some say within the first three seconds—as to whether or not they’re comfortable doing business with you.

by robo | Dec 15, 2015

No matter how well you've optimized your content, researched your audience, and created your marketing strategies, you will still find customers who will abandon their carts before checking out. If you aren’t working to engage these “almost” customers, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase sales and improve customer relations. Convert your “almosts” into paying customers with an abandoned cart email strategy that is painless and efficient. Start by following these best practices for abandoned carts.

by robo | Dec 10, 2015

There’s no doubt that social media plays a major role in the world of online business. In fact, 73% of adults online use some form of social media. From a marketing perspective, the key to social media for businesses is to turn followers into loyal, paying customers. Every business should have a social media marketing strategy, and for each business, that strategy is going to look different. There are, however, a few key elements to every social media campaign.

by robo | Dec 01, 2015

In order to steadily grow your business, attract customers, and outsell the competition, you need a solid marketing plan. Without one, your business is in danger of losing money, time, and momentum. If you’ve overlooked this crucial step toward starting or growing your business, it is time to stop what you’re doing and get to work. If you aren’t sure how to write a marketing plan, or what it should include, read on. We’ll walk you through it step by step.

by robo | Nov 18, 2015

No doubt you’ve heard that content is king in the world of online business and ecommerce platforms. If managed and implemented correctly, an engaging content campaign has the potential to improve your search engine rankings, generate new leads, improve customer satisfaction, and most importantly, send your sales through the roof. All content, however, is not created equal. To create content that increases traffic, you must focus on effective, targeted marketing strategies.

by robo | Nov 15, 2015

2015 is proving to be a lucrative year for e-commerce. In 2014, worldwide e-commerce figures showed a record $1.3 trillion in sales. That number is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in 2015. The fact is, the majority of Americans are using their buying power to make purchases online, and the rest of the world is following suit. As a business owner, it is important to stay abreast of e-commerce trends and prospects. Here are four e-commerce business trends to look out for in 2015:

by robo | Nov 04, 2015

When creating a website, developing an e-commerce platform, or even brainstorming a blogging strategy, you will gain a lot by delving into the science of the customer experience. But what does that mean, exactly? Simply put, it means using the tried-and-true research behind behavioral science to implement an effective and low-cost strategy for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using the science of the customer experience is easier than it sounds. Start by implementing these tips and you’ll be well on your way:  

by robo | Oct 26, 2015

Of course you know how important it is to attract new and prospective customers to your site, but just as important is learning how to keep customers on your website after they have discovered you. You want to engage your audience from the start so they will visit again and again. With millions of websites vying for their attention, customer loyalty is more important than ever. Here are three of the most critical and cost-effective strategies to keeping your loyal fans coming back for more: