Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie

How we achieved a 50% increase in revenue.

The Strategy

Life should be colorful.

If you've ever been inside a Charming Charlie, you're aware the brand is known for its unique store layout that emphasizes shopping by color.

It was important to bring this brand experience online so customers could easily identify with the site and find what they were looking for quickly, from cool and creative to classic and refined.

The Catalog

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The Product Page

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Shop by Color

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The Highlights



"Quote about Robofirm."

David Torres, Ecommerce Director

The Future

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Finding Your Fabulous Made Easy


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Charming Charlie

Since 2004, charming charlie has made it their mission to help every woman, everywhere, find her fabulous. Using color as the fabulous avenue, Charming Charlie has been helping women find their perfect accessories to not only augment their outfit, but also their lives.

The company's brick and mortar presence made finding fabulousness easier than ever with their space being dedicated to expanding color palates for every personality under the sun. But how do you take the in-store physicality of interacting with color and combine it with the ease of online shopping?


Unique Online Shopping & Seamless Online-to-In-Store Experience

Charming Charlie worked with Robofirm to develop a truly one of a kind online shopping experience. Knowing how important color is to Charming Charlie's customers, we utilized a unique technology to combine the highly interactive experience of being in a Charming Charlie store and brought it to life in their online store.

With this technology in place, Charming Charlie allowed their online customers the ability to shop not only by accessory type, but by the color itself. Also implemented was a full omni-channel experience allowing customers to seamlessly use gift cards and reward points across both in-store and online Charming Charlie locations.

By offering these online experiences to their customers,

Charming Charlie was truly able to help every woman, everywhere find her fabulous easier than ever.

On the Horizon

The fabulous doesn't stop there. No, no. Charming Charlie wants to build on these online capabilities to give their customers an even richer array of experiences. From individualized shopping experiences based on offering products similar to those the customer is already interested in, to in-store pickup, and a streamlined one-step checkout, Charming Charlie is gunning to be the most fabulous online experience around.