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Hanky Panky

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Hanky Panky

Since Gale Epstein first pieced together a set of handmade lingerie out of handkerchiefs back in 1977, the world of customized underwear and sleepwear has never been the same. Using the handkerchief lingerie as inspiration for the name Hanky Panky, the company started a revolution. Hell bent on creating not only the world's most personalized lingerie and sleepwear, Hanky Panky, is also the name associated with what the world now knows as the "Most Comfortable Thing" ever. When you create an undergarment the fashion industry dubs, "lace butter", you know you're doing something right.

Let's take a look at how Hanky Panky made their online presence as comfortable for shoppers as their actual product...

100% Personalization

When it comes to lingerie and sleepwear, two factors stand at the top of the necessity game: It needs to look good and it needs to feel good. Hanky Panky hits the nail on the head for both. But with the incredible growth of online shopping, the company needed to adapt to the changing landscape.

Given the Internet is the playground for customization and personalization, Hanky Panky's offerings lend themselves perfectly to stocking the e-shelves of an online store. Robofirm set the company up with a unique platform allowing customers from all over the world to create the most perfect and sexiest lingerie and sleepwear for them.

Robofirm helped Hanky Panky provide a seamless customer experience across the board. From software allowing customers to personalize lingerie, to a custom returns process that allows for split returns and full flexibility, Hanky Panky's site, thanks to Robofirm's intergrations, is a user-friendly personalized paradise.

On the Horizon

Robofirm will continue working with Hanky Panky to further customize the buyer's experience on site. With the further implementation of a product customizer that takes lingerie and sleepwear personalization into a new realm, Robofirm will also be setting up the site with the ever-coveted One-Step Checkout process.