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Loxa Beauty's business model of offering a commission to salons and stylists online is truly revolutionary. And we found some opportunities to optimize it.


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By implementing an automated commissions system via Paypal, wherein every order placed on Loxa Beauty goes through a unique algorithm to determine the amount of commission a stylist/salon should receive in the area code of the customer. When commissions accrue, stylists/salons can withdraw money at their convenience based on what amount is currently in their account.

But that functionality wasn't enough. We took things a step further with a truly integrated content-to-commerce play so Loxa Beauty could take their voice to the community and also let the community reflect its voice through expert dialog and product reviews.

Armed with a strong platform and voice, Robofirm further empowered Loxa's efforts to shape an industry with a specialized brand search engine that allows users to shop all popular brands on the Loxa site. Beyond just brands, though, Robofirm implemented the technology on site to allow users to shop with "with" their local stylists, allowing a stylist to essentially pick the perfect products for their clients online.

Coming up for Loxa Beauty

On the horizon for the growing eCommerce site is a completely redesigned and mobile responsive site that will replace the current mobile app, further tying in the online experience of Loxa Beauty. In addition to this responsiveness will be an added layer of convenience via auto-replenishment of those items commonly ordered from Loxa. No more waiting around for new shipments. It'll already be there.

Building the Revolution

One final future implementation Robofirm will help with will be further personalization and IT automation efforts. What's that? It means the ability to sell more accurately to individual customers as well as the ability to handle large traffic bumps without the need for an IT team on-hand.