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Great Brands Begin With Your Name

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Your Name Pro

White label solutions for makeup and skincare products isn't the only thing Your Name Pro has to offer. Also in the business of building brands, this company helps clients to establish a marketable presence in the industry. Your Name Pro's makeup and skincare products are created with premium ingredients and state-of-the-art technology and are available in a spectacular range of colors and formulas.

Create a Makeup Line Your Way

Robofirm worked closely with the professionals at Your Name Pro to create a highly responsive, highly functional site that delivers the level of performance required by a company of this caliber. For example, we created a customized peer discounting system that rewards online shoppers with discounts based on the amount of product purchased. JDE and Oracle inergration facilitates the analysis of user data and marketing to customers. In addition, these platforms streamline orders and customer intergrations for easy management of important data.

At Robofirm, we understand that we live in a mobile society - which is why we programmed Your Name Pro's easy-to-navigate site to be mobile-responsive. Shoppers can order products as easily on their smartphones as they can their computer. Looking into the future, Robofirm and Your Name Pro will continue to bring high-tech innovations to the table for a superior product development experience.

What's Next for Your Name Pro?

Your name Pro is one part of a larger family of sites that is owned by a parent company. Robofirm will be working to standardize each property and implement a data layer, which wil provide data about customer behavior. In addition, we will implement Ajax cart functionality -- including a Modal pop up to show when the customer has successfully added an item to their shopping cart. In addition, this programming will suggest other products to the customer that they may like and want to add. For an example of this cutting-edge technology, visit Although their decades of experience and commitment to quality make Your Name Pro a leader in the industry, the future holds even more when you factor in the functionality and responsiveness of their website. Your Name Pro helps people achieve their dreams of developing a skincare and/or makeup line - an endeavor that requires a site that is easy to navigate and offers stellar performance. At Robofirm, we're proud to go above and beyond these expectations.

Changing Lives Begins With Life-Changing Products

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More than just a skincare company, Junetics is a company that allows people to build their own beauty empires. What sets Junetics apart from other skincare lines on the market today is not only their commitment to quality but also their scientifically-designed E24 Complex, which works around the clock to facilitate cellular renewal. The company offers a VIP program with auto delivery that offers a 25 percent savings, too.

Beautiful, more youthful-looking skin isn't the only thing Junetics has to offer. Modeled after AVON, this company has an Associates program where people can sell the products and recruit new Associates. Junetics Associates can not only earn money but also free products. Associates are given the opportunity to compete in contest and win prizes, as well as the ability to advance to higher levels in order to earn higher rewards.

Life-Changing Beauty

Junetics needed a high-quality, high-performance site on which to sell their products and market to Associates. In addition, it was important that Junetics employees have the ability to add and modify content within Magento. Robofirm integrated custom content management into Magento to achieve this goal, in addition to making the site mobile-responsive.
Mobile responsiveness is imperative to success, especially for a site like the one operated by Junetics. Robofirm made the Junetics site easy to use on a smartphone as it is on a computer. Not only does this give shoppers more options when it comes to browsing and ordering, but it also allows Associates to conduct business using a mobile phone if that is their preference.

Coming Soon...

With a firm foundation on which to build, Robofirm is planning further innovations to the Junetics site. Linking out to the company's third party site and pulling all of the company's legacy sites under one roof is the next step for Junetics site development. Also, Junetics representatives will soon receive customized URLs for their beauty business, which will allow for more in-depth tracking and analysis of sales data. Robofirm will also provide Junetics with a user-friendly interface for obtaining data and statistics.

Thanks to the collaboration between Robofirm and Junetics, customers and reps alike can expect continued and improved performance and convenience from the Junetics site. Reps will have more tools at their disposal when it comes to marketing and analysis - meaning a better sales experience for them and a better purchasing experience for their customers.