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There's no "me" in Growth Hacking
on Jan 14, 2016

Growth hacking is a popular buzz word—attributed to the legendary entrepreneur, Sean Ellis, that denotes a single-minded focus on growth, meaning more users, more sales, more revenues, and more expansion opportunity. When this term was coined by Ellis, it was used mainly within the context of tech start-ups in desperate need of growth, so as to better understand how their product or service would truly function when paired to a viable customer base.

on Jan 08, 2016

Your ecommerce site’s call to action (CTA) is ground zero in your point-of-sale operation - the moment of truth, where the rubber meets the road. In most online shopping cart programs, the CTA takes the form of a button with the words “Add to Cart” on it.

From Pictures of Food to eCommerce Capabilities: The New Face of Instagram
on Jan 04, 2016

In the social media universe, Instagram was one of the slower platforms to be monetized. It’s only recently that Instagram has begun to come into its own as a platform with serious marketing potential. But now that it’s finally happened, Instagram is poised to become an exceptionally powerful marketing tool.

Unboxing: How opening stuff became such a "thing"
on Dec 28, 2015

Amidst the many exhilarating sensory experiences that accompany the unboxing of a brand new, high tech gadget is the knowledge that what you’re enjoying is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Once your new television, smartphone, video game console, camera, video drone, etc. is fully unpackaged for the first time, that special moment is gone, never to return. So how did this banal practice emerge to be such a cultural phenomenon, with its own YouTube genre—watch cheapyD unbox his PS3—its own article on Wikipedia, and even its own snarky definition on Urban Dictionary?


A Customer Never Forgets
on Dec 16, 2015

Whether it’s a good experience or a poor one, customers form their impressions quickly and are equally quick about sharing their opinions with their friends, family members, and neighbors. Here are four ways that you can encourage positive and prolific word-of-mouth marketing through satisfied customers:

Using Abandoned Cart Emails to Increase Sales
on Dec 15, 2015

No matter how well you've optimized your content, researched your audience, and created your marketing strategies, you will still find customers who will abandon their carts before checking out. If you aren’t working to engage these “almost” customers, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase sales and improve customer relations. Convert your “almosts” into paying customers with an abandoned cart email strategy that is painless and efficient. Start by following these best practices for abandoned carts.

The Benefits of Magento for eCommerce
on Dec 10, 2015

If you’re considering a jump into Magento to fulfill your ecommerce needs, then you will likely want some solid assurances that you’re positioned to reap real and substantial benefits. Here are some of the signature benefits you can expect if you learn how to leverage this powerful platform:

Social Media Like a Pro: How to Get More Customers
on Dec 10, 2015

There’s no doubt that social media plays a major role in the world of online business. In fact, 73% of adults online use some form of social media. From a marketing perspective, the key to social media for businesses is to turn followers into loyal, paying customers. Every business should have a social media marketing strategy, and for each business, that strategy is going to look different. There are, however, a few key elements to every social media campaign.

You Won't Believe What These Magento Secrets Will Do For Your Site
on Dec 08, 2015

When you’re working with Magento, knowledge is power. Here are some useful secrets to help you get the most out of the world’s premier, open source ecommerce solution:

on Dec 03, 2015

If you run an online business or have any affiliation with ecommerce and you’ve not yet heard about Magento, then I’m going to have to ask you to stop what you’re doing, take some time out of your busy day, and get up to speed. It’s important. Here’s why: