by Ryan Gellis

Ryan is the founding partner of Robofirm and is responsible for leading the company’s growth, strategy, and vision. His experience includes almost a decade of enterprise-level systems architecture, digital marketing, and eCommerce strategy for clients including Sally Beauty Holdings, Hearst Corporation, and Charming Charlie. When he’s not working, you can find him playing piano, guitar, or cheering for the Blackhawks.

Robofirm Made the Inc 500!
on Aug 17, 2017
Robofirm is honored to have made the 2017 Inc 500 as the 213th fastest growing company in the United States. We are committed to treating our clients like partners, making their success our top priority, and building leading-edge digital experiences to help expand and transform their businesses.
Make Customers Push Your Buttons
on Mar 13, 2017
Converting site visitors into paying customers is just as important as getting visitors to your site. With the right design, strategy and product mix, you can significantly boost your bottom line and improve your ecommerce conversion rates.
How Does Credit Card Processing Really Work?
on Mar 02, 2017
Credit card processing is a necessary component for almost every business in today's modern economy. Learn the steps involved so you can understand any fees you may incur as a business.
You're saying it wrong: Magento Terminology You Need to Know
on Dec 22, 2015

As with other open source solutions, the more effort you put into Magento the more you’ll get out of it. Working with Magento, as an alternative to working with a proprietary ecommerce solution, will expose you and your team to a more detail-level view of platform functionality. By putting you in the driver’s seat of your ecommerce experience, you’ll be better positioned to develop a tailored-fit, high ROI solution for your business. But you’ll first need to be shown the ropes.

You only get one first impression, don't screw it up.
on Dec 17, 2015

One of the great things about Magento that separates it from other ecommerce solutions is that users of this platform are able to use a visual editor to craft their storefronts in accordance with their own specific preferences. This is important because first impressions matter, and you shouldn’t have to settle for a bland, generic looking storefront. After discovering your website, customers will make up their minds very quickly—some say within the first three seconds—as to whether or not they’re comfortable doing business with you.

Content to Commerce in Magento
on Oct 27, 2015

Many successful eCommerce sites today began as blogs, fan sites, or other content-rich media platforms that looked to expand their reach in the market and offer innovative experiences to their users. Much like the television industry, digital brands understand their viewers and how to create content that appeals to them. Those same brands tend to have some intuition about what their users would like to purchase, too. First, brands have to determine what products they want to sell that they can relate back to the content they distribute.