Content Management

Content Management .

You can manage millions of products and execute an effective content-to-commerce digital strategy that drives revenue at the same time.

Connecting Content to Commerce

Robofirm works with businesses in numerous industries, and we find that many struggle with the same problems affecting their ability to market and sell online effectively. One of the most difficult challenges in today's ecommerce environment is to develop and execute upon a content marketing strategy that supports and enhances other digital marketing efforts to sell products online.

Choosing a Content Platform

Let's face it, most ecommerce systems on the market do not handle content as well as a battle-hardened content management system. Whether you have a content staff of 1 or 50, you will likely need to handle versioning and archiving of content, digital assets management, localization or personalization, and especially analytics and reporting. Robofirm can help you determine which CMS is the right fit for your business's needs both today and tomorrow, whether that solution is Wordpress, Drupal, Adobe Experience Manager or something else in the market.

Integrating Content

The most important element of a content strategy once you select a platform is how to manage the content alongside your ecommerce platform. This can be handled in many ways, including direct integration or advanced single sign-on functionality, but the end result should be a seamless experience for your customers. Users should be able to browse relevant content from product detail pages and be linked to relevant products from content pieces, creating a better user experience while increasing organic search rankings and driving incremental orders and revenue for your business.

Reporting and Analytics

With the right content marketing strategy, you can better understand your customers and how they shop. A key to understanding what types of content are resonating with your audience and driving results for your business is ensure tracking and reporting is aligned with your content marketing strategy. Are you tracking and measuring the relevant content topics, themes and keywords with a robust tool that lets you understand which content is driving organic search improvements? Thoughtfully constructed measurement and reporting established upfront while topical themes and keyword research are being conducted will enable you to clearly measure progress and discover additional opportunity to take advantage of as your content strategy matures and becomes more integrated with your other paid and earned media efforts.