Ecommerce .

The modern customer craves authentic experiences in physical stores and online.
We build best-in-class technology to render authenticity.


Robofirm believes that an outstanding user experience is key to ecommerce success. The modern customer craves authentic experiences in physical stores and simultaneously expects those same polished brand experiences to translate directly to digital. With a growing number of devices to support and expanding technology platforms to choose from, we help guide businesses through a saturated and confusing partner ecosystem to build best-in-class user experiences that tells the story of your brand online. Robofirm delivers user experiences based on proven digital expectations and conventions to make it intuitive and enjoyable for your customers to find you, shop with you and transact with you online.

Mobile Responsive

User journeys on ecommerce websites are increasingly beginning with a mobile experience and our retail clients see over half of all traffic to site coming from mobile devices. Brands that are winning in digital today have a mobile first strategy and have allocated the right resources to ensure that speed and UX is uniquely optimized for mobile devices and not an adaptation or afterthought of the desktop experience. To compete in digital today, you must service your customers with an ecommerce experience optimized for every viewport.


A customer's experience with your store is important no matter what channel they are browsing. Data feeds to third party channels and affiliates optimally sell the same story as your physical and online stores. Customers who purchase online are coming to expect the ability to order online and pick up in-store, and customers who cannot place orders in-store should expect the ability to have items shipped directly to them from online. Universal gift cards, reward points programs, and customer service experiences aligned with your backend help ensure good customer experiences, allowing your brand to build trust, loyalty and increase lifetime customer value around your products and services.

Integrated Retail

It can be a lot of work to sell online. Depending on your vertical integration, you could be involved with the sourcing, manufacturing, warehouse fulfillment and distribution operations, and more for much of your inventory. You'll need to keep track of data as it flows through multiple systems, from backend operations on your ERP to frontend operations on POS machines, all the way to the general ledger. Not to mention the inventory, customer data, order data, and plethora of data collected online you can use to optimize your business at every point of the process. Our best-in-class ecommerce experts can help connect existing systems, optimize processes, and build new connections altogether to truly integrate retail into your business.