Platform Migration

Platform Migration .

If you're migrating from one platform to another, Robofirm can help you with the application, data, and infrastructure.


Platform migrations are a great time to add new functionality, but in most cases there is existing business logic that must come along for the ride too. We can help you identify necessary functional components and transplant the functionality between platforms.


Your application might be a means to facilitate transactions or supply content, but data is what drives your business. Let us help you avoid common mistakes when transferring data between platforms such as customers, orders, products, inventory, and content.


One of the most important pieces of a platform migration many people forget about is the infrastructure driving the system. Load balancers, servers, databases, and caching mechanisms are all important to diagram to continue to support existing traffic and grow with new visitors.

Third-Party Systems

Different platforms work in different ways. Some third-party systems like Google Tag Manager, Criteo, or Hotjar might transfer easily, but other systems like NetSuite, Bronto, and Reflektion will take extra work. Let us help identify pain points and ease you into a smooth transition.