Location Management & Distribution

Location Management & Distribution .

Connect clicks to bricks and ensure that customers can easily find your physical stores.

Be Found By Your Customers

We live in a mobile first world today. Consumers expect to find local results seamlessly, whether they are using search, a mapping application or voice search. Eliminating friction in the purchase process by making it effortless for your customers to find a store near them is important to maximize revenue contribution from your eCommerce channel while also driving additional revenue to your physical retail store footprint.

Local Search & Location Distribution Management

Connecting site visitor seamlessly to a retailers physical brick and mortar store locations is a critical element for ensuring long-term eCommerce success and for mitigating emerging challenges like ‘showrooming’ behavior driven by consumer smartphone usage. Smartphones are the consumers defacto ‘point of decision’ and embracing this fact has helped our retail brands succeed by defending their turf and trumping competitors by smartly leveraging our local search and location distribution management services.

Ensure Location Data Validity

We proactively monitor and maintain the integrity of your store location data, ensuring that NAP (name, address, phone) data is accurate for every location across the distribution landscape. We actively manage NAP data to correct any incorrect data that may arise and rapidly submit any changes to store address and contact info as your physical store footprint evolves.

Measure Online to Offline Performance Contribution

Making it easy for consumers to find your physical store locations has always been extremely important. Being able to value the influence of driving a visitor instore from digital is vital for brands going forward. Your website is your largest store window and has become increasingly important for driving traffic into your physical stores. Assigning value and measuring online to offline intent, store visits and revenue driven from these activities is critical for success in today’s frantically fragmented retail landscape.