Paid Search Media

Paid Search Media .

Reach and convert customers efficiently.

Tenured Award Winning Paid Search Expertise

Paid search is a core competency at Robofirm, one honed through our teams managing extremely granular award winning programs for industry leading global brands for over a decade. We craft a unique paid search strategy for each client to meet and exceed business goals, deliver upon our prmise of executional excellence and tangible, profitable outcomes that will ensure the validity of this channel and its ongoing contribution to your eCommerce business.

Paid Search Requires Active Management

Paid search is an extremely dynamic marketing vehicle and one that requires specialized and dedicated resources to ensure consistent, profitable performance and scale. Our paid search teams are focused on executional excellence and always pushing to find incremental improvements by proactively testing and seeking innovations that resonate with your consumers to drive long-term outperformance for your business.

Proactive Reporting & Insights

Our dedicated paid search teams function as function as an extension of your internal teams, understanding your business as well as you do, to create sustainably profitable customer acquisition and demand generation programs following our best practices for paid search, constantly optimizing to capture additional demand as paid search trends and tactics evolve and new opportunities develop. Reporting is customized for each client’s unique needs and KPI’s, providing learnings and insights to further propel the business forward.

Deep Experience & Strong Partnerships

Proven expertise with all major bid management platforms and very strong, tenured engine and vendor partnerships ensure we have access to the latest innovations, including regular alpha and beta testing opportunities. We are always searching for the next opportunity to advance your program, weaning every possible efficiency out of each tactic to drive maximum ROAS for your brand.