Paid Social Media

Paid Social Media .

Leverage social networks to capture incremental revenue and orders.

Acquire New Customers with Paid Social Media

Our focus within paid social, like other performance channels, is on driving revenue and orders for your business. As such, we focus on paid media to meet those goals. We know which tactics return and which don’t in social, ensuring your investment drives incremental revenue. We don’t chase down likes or waste dollars on the latest flashy test in social media—our strategy and tactics are focused on driving actual measurable orders and revenue for your brand.

Paid Social Matures As A Demand Gen Channel

Paid social has evolved into a solid incremental tactic for generating retail demand as targeting options, including the use of first and 3rd party data, to define and create unique segments and audiences have emerged. Due to these advancements, we have seen many brands able to see incremental performance on par or even better than returns from paid search, allowing us to invest more in this channel

Active Management & Optimization

Our dedicated media team members manage every client program actively. Digital media is not manageable via a traditional agency ‘set and forget’ media plan. For a program to perform, it must be managed proactively. Our teams live in our accounts, optimizing programs daily and capturing learnings to be applied to other channels to drive maximum revenue and return for your brand.

Seamless Creative Scheduling & Reporting

Many eCommerce brands are highly promotional, making scheduling creative to coincide with offers across the multitude of digital channels a challenge. We are extremely practiced in managing very highly promotional brands, successfully managing calendar and creative to ensure scheduling and serving of multiple offers across all digital mediums, making sure each individual asset starts and ends as dictated by the brand. Customized reporting details performance of each promotion and each piece of creative to give you clear and actionable insights.